PHASE 6 (P. 1): ADOPT-A-ROOM @Casa Feliz!

We are well on our way with PHASE 6 of re-creation (reconstruction and renovations) in the second level of Casa Feliz! God continues to surprises us with the love, support and generosity in ways we do not expect! Our hope is that many of you may be able to “come and see” and come and serve with us.

However, we also want to give a way to participate in this exciting phase of our ministry for those who are far.

After the visits of a few friends in the las weeks, we felt moved to begin a new initiative called Adopt-a-Room. This will be our way of reaching out to ask for help but also the way to get others who cannot be here involved in the re-creation of Casa Feliz and the participation in its present and future life!

How can I help?

It is very simple… you get to pick a room or section of the house that needs work, love and creativity, and you have the possibility of supporting the labor costs, materials and finishing touches. You can name the room or choose to make it a memorial in honor of someone else. We will keep you updated on the work and progress and share ideas and innovations. The ideal would be to adopt-a-room and eventually come to Casa Feliz to serve and work with us in the future.

Furthermore, since the rooms of Casa Feliz will be destined for the use of the most needed elderly in the community, anyone who adopts a room or section of the house will have the option of helping support whoever lives in that room during their time of stay.

We hope that this will allow us to continue the Casa Feliz re-creation process and will bring us closer to opening the house for the elderly that need a home and a place to be cared for and to encounter God’s tender love.

PLEASE CONTACT US if you want to know more about PHASE 6, Adopt-a-Room, and our current ministry.

On behalf of the least of our brethren we’d like to thank you and to continue asking for your prayers- for the mission, for our marriage and for an openness to all the amazing surprises and challenges that are coming our way!

Love in Christ, Katie and Juampa

PS – We’d like to make you aware that all donations made to our website or by check to LEAST are tax deductible and will be used for the specific purpose of the donor, also respecting the desire for anonymity when requested.


  1. Wonderful idea! Please email me. More info as cost of one room etc. ♥️

  2. Continuing to God’ work

  3. Bendiciones!!!

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